The 10 best applications for students.

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You are a student? Then this post interests you. From our app development company, Apploading, we have made a selection of the best apps for the training you will find in the market today. Those that will facilitate the organization of tasks, will help you to take the time and review the issues while traveling from your home to school or university.


The best apps for students

Currently the development of PWA apps is gaining ground. And there are many companies that prefer to put their efforts in mobile applications instead of creating a web, with responsive design, and then make an app.

That’s why in the market we find a large number of mobile applications that specialize in daily management, communication, sports or games.

More and more people are installing productivity-focused applications on their devices, and here you will find a selection of those that every student should have installed on their mobile phone or tablet.




Evernote (Android / iOS)

Organize your day to day with everything you need in the same application. Evernote is the perfect solution for you not to miss anything, neither the delivery of work, nor the tutorial with a teacher, nor do you forget that interesting article that you found on the Internet. In addition, it is automatically synchronized with all the devices on which you have installed it and open it with your account. You can download it for Android or iOS for free, and include purchases within it.

Dictionary of the Spanish Language downloadable

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can carry the Dictionary of the RAE in your pocket. You can also use it without connection, so you can solve your spelling doubts with it regardless of where you are or even if you have run out of data. Its price is 9.99 euros and you can download it in Google Play or App Store.


Google Drive

Do you have to deliver group work? Do you connect from several devices to make deliveries on time? Then Google Drive is your application. You only need to download it for Android or iOS (depending on the operating system you use) and log in with your Google account. It is completely free and you will enjoy shared documents online or you can also use it to have copies of your work in the cloud.


My Study Life

With My Study Life you can organize your class schedules, exam dates or the delivery of work, so you do not miss anything. It is a calendar that allows you to put each subject of a color and it will send you notices to remind you of the tasks that you have marked. It’s completely free and you can find it on Google Play and the App Store.



If you want to improve your job prospects or recycle yourself in some subject, you may be interested in some of the online courses you will find in Coursera. With professors who teach their subjects in the best universities in the world, this application for Android and iOS is characterized by having a very complete catalog of courses. Choose the one you like the most and take advantage of any moment to do it. You can resume the lesson where you left off or contact your tutor at any time.



Do you have to do group work? Then the best thing is that you all download Wunderlist, an application available for Android and iOS. It is very simple to use and you can do it for free. Thanks to her, you will all know at what point the work of others is and to know if someone needs you to help them with their part. In addition, you can use it for other purposes: you can share the shopping list with your flatmates or even organize a party with your friends, knowing in advance what each one will bring.



All the works, as you well know, should include bibliographical references. But it is also true that there is no more repetitive and tedious work in the process than to quote those books. To that end, EasyBib was born, an application that allows you to scan the barcode of a book or printed document, providing you with all the references you need. You can also choose the format of that appointment depending on how your teacher has asked for it (Chicago, Harvard, MLP or APA). Download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Be Focused

This application is only available for iOS, and is a good way to organize your day to day, knowing at the end of it that you have fulfilled your goals. With Be Focused you can set goals at intervals, indicate when you have an important appointment or the time you will spend on your extracurricular activities.


If you are a student you will surely have to juggle to make ends meet. Fintonic is an app that allows you to manage your money in the most optimal way. You will know how much you spend per month on books and school supplies, food or leisure. You will manage all your bank accounts from the same application regardless of whether they are from one entity or another. Whether you are studying or if you are already fully involved in working life, it is an application that you should have on your device, whether you are from Android or iOS.


Do you spend too much time with the smartphone in your hand? If your family or friends are telling you all day that you are obsessed with the device, avoid using it more than the account by installing (OFFTIME), an application available on App Store and Google Play that will only cost you 3.49 euros. When you consider that you have spent too much time with your mobile, it will send you a warning: this way you can optimize your study times and not neglect your social life.

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