How to get my children to navigate safely

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If you are a parent, surely one of your main headaches is to control the access and use that your children make of all web content. This can be controlled, for example, through the parental control of Mac, among many other possibilities.

Tips to follow for safe navigation

The use of technology better in family

It has never been a good idea to leave all technology within reach of your little ones. This is equivalent to allowing them to cross the street alone.It is important that you get to make technology another tool for family sharing, such as traditional board games.

Confirm that all the tablets and all the computers are in places where you usually meet the whole family and, in the case that you have to have one in your office, keep it always under lock and key.

What you should never do is leave your children to their fate while they are surfing the Internet or social networks. In fact, if you are close, they will be encouraged to ask you questions and you will be able to solve their doubts, which will unite you more.

Speak in a natural way about the Internet

If you expect your children to comply with the rules, the first thing you must do is to know them, you can not fulfill what is unknown.

Therefore, it is important that you communicate basic safety and usage rules when you want to use any mobile device to connect to the Internet and navigate.

Also, you must make clear from the beginning what are the consequences of not meeting the rules you have marked. It is as important as noticing that you are close, that you feel that you can, and should, always ask yourself any questions you have or when a complicated situation arises.

You have to understand that the Internet is already part of their lives.


Give warnings about passwords

Surely you would never think of leaving your keys to anyone so you can freely access your home. The same thing happens with passwords, since they are the keys that have access to all your personal information.

You should have a chat with your children to warn them how dangerous it can be to share passwords or spread them on social networks. They should only share them with their legal guardians or with their parents.

In addition, you should instill in them the habit of always closing the session, especially if access is done outside the home or on public computers such as libraries or cybercafés.


Do not talk to strangers

It is one of the great mottos that every father transmits to his son when he is going to go out alone to the street. It is a wise advice that can be extrapolated to the network.

You must make them understand that they should not accept friend requests from people they do not know, nor should they send photographs or accept any type of invitation they may come up with.

In the case of emails, as a prime example, you should never download information or attachments from senders that are unknown to you, as it could infect your computer with a virus that steals the information without you even noticing.


Mac parental control

If you have Mac computers in your home, either desktop or laptop, before leaving the inernet to children, you must configure parental control. This way, you will ensure that they will not access inappropriate content when you are not in front of them.

The truth is that, although it may seem somewhat complicated, establishing this type of computer security is the simplest.

The first thing to do is click on the apple symbol that acts as the main menu. Select the option “System preferences”. This action will open a new window where you can see different options to configure the computer.

The option that you are looking for is the Parental Control, to just then check the option “Create a new account with parental control.”

You will be shown an access window to enter your username and password for the system administrator. When you have connected, you can create a specific user account for your children.

When you have created this account, from the same parental control option you can configure the account, being able, among other things, to restrict the use of certain applications or games.

In the web tab is where the most relevant, since you can block access to any web page that has content that you consider indecent for your children. You can do it manually.

You can also restrict access to the store to prevent you from acquiring products without your knowledge, in case you have the card details registered.


Parental control of Windows

There are two different ways to manage parental control within the Windows 10 operating system.

The fundamental idea is to create a specific account, as in Mac, to access that limited. The account of the main adult will protect it with a password while the others can be protected with a PIN.

Hand in hand with one of the latest system updates, the configuration has become simpler than before. You just have to press the start button and access the configuration option.

When you have opened the “Settings” window, you will have to click on “Accounts” and then “Family”.

You must add a family member. You will be asked if this relative is an adult or a minor. To register the account you will have to assign an email address, as well as a series of data to expand this information, such as your date of birth.

Subsequently, you will have to establish the limits of each account. One of the first options you have is to activate the activity log, where all the applications that are used will be registered. The most important alternative is Web Exploration, where you can restrict access to web pages that you consider appropriate.

As you see, in addition to the parental control of Mac, you can also resort to other Windows security tools to prevent your children’s access to inappropriate content, without forgetting the role of education. Have you taken good note?

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