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At this point of the year, there are already thousands of APPs (mobile applications) developed, which have been presented to us and thousands more that we have not even come to know. All this is because the development of APPS MALLORCA for your business or company is becoming easier and cheaper every day, both due to the increase in the number of companies that provide this service, as well as the creation of platforms that facilitate the creation of APPs, such as APPi example, automated and available 24 hours by very little.

The reasons why having an APP in our company are and can be infinite, although the main ones could be:
* The availability of many services of our business 24 hours a day
* The APP not only as a tool-service for clients, but also as an internal work tool
* A single person can manage an entire APP easily
* Get new users and increase your permanence: Loyalty through technology
* The best communication channel: accessible, available and mobile
* Notifications, promotions, notifications, loyalty, differentiation, etc.

As we have already said, a good example is the “APP Maker” or “the creator of APPs” of the APPloading brand: APPi. This platform for the development of automatic APPS, simple and economical, presents standard features that contain all the elements you can imagine to create the APP of your dreams.

APPi has a free initial plan, to test if it is what you were looking for without having to pay anything in advance. To create your APP through APPi you do not need to know about programming, since your intranet is simple and intuitive. In addition, when you have your APP ready (which can be in a few days) APPi team publishes it in the stores of Google and Apple, becoming downloadable and starting with your proposal for monetization, marketing, promotion, etc. For just over € 20 a month you can have your own native APP in stores: quality and competitiveness in one step.

APPi has everything you need to have an APP of your own, to create it to our liking and interest and with the confidence and technical support of a great technological brand such as APPloading. Take a look at the platform and start building your APP, in a few minutes you will see how your ideas take shape

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