10 feminist movies you can watch on Netflix

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The Netflix catalog has something for all tastes: fiction, documentaries, series of any theme. An interesting niche among its titles is feminism, since in addition to important documentaries on the subject it offers fiction films with relevant lessons for female empowerment. If you are a person who wants to take the first steps towards deconstruction […]

Inclusive Apps: what are they?

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New technologies have brought great advances for everyone, including people with disabilities. A lot of inclusive apps have emerged to help these people with disabilities in their daily lives. The possibilities offered by these applications are a hopeful future for people who need some help. Inclusive apps to help the disabled In recent years there […]

Atari games for nostalgic

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It may be that today, when talking about video game consoles and systems, many think about the current war between Sony and Microsoft. Perhaps some, more veterans, remember the confrontation between Nintendo and Sega in the nineties. Others will remember their battles of the eighties with Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore … But only some of […]

Development of APPS

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      At this point of the year, there are already thousands of APPs (mobile applications) developed, which have been presented to us and thousands more that we have not even come to know. All this is because the development of APPS MALLORCA for your business or company is becoming easier and cheaper every […]

6 easy APPs for photography

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Posted on 03/12/2018 apploadingPosted in Blog, Compilations of APPs We continue with our collections of APPs, this time we have to talk about photos and present to photography lovers the best APPs that are currently on the market and that have been best valued by professionals and users in general. The 6 APPs that we […]

Twitch versus YouTube Gaming

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Along with advances in technology, simulators and video games in general also evolve. So the new improvements in graphics, commands, playability or availability for the entire range of consoles no longer sound so much novelty but improvements and increase the distance between one brand and another. But in this case, we analyzed two external elements […]

Technological vocabulary 2/2

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[From “A” to “M”] Here we present our technological vocabulary in which we will include all the terms that may be more complicated, technical or Anglicisms that are often used in the technology sector. In this way, you will always have at hand a small vocabulary that will help you understand and learn new terms, […]