6 easy APPs for photography

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We continue with our collections of APPs, this time we have to talk about photos and present to photography lovers the best APPs that are currently on the market and that have been best valued by professionals and users in general.

The 6 APPs that we have selected are:

1. PhotoSync
2. Camera+
3. VSCO Cam
4. Instagram
5. ProCamera
6. Typic


1. PhotoSync: of this APP we can highlight the option of synchronization with our cloud (Dropbox, Drive, Flikr, etc.), the sending of photos between our mobile terminals (smartphone or tablet) and our PC. In addition, it allows us to even work with RAW format files.

2. Camera+: is one of the APPs for older images, with more experience and used by a large number of photographers. The focus and exposure are handled effectively and easily, with a stabilizer that improves the sharpness of the photograph. In addition, each image comes with information highly valued by professionals in photography: location, size, image weight, ISO, speed and focal length.

3. VSCO Cam: This APP separates the exposure and the focus, has a very good quality in the classic settings of brightness, saturation, sharpness, etc. and with a menu of filters very complete and well punctuated by the users. It presents interesting graphic results through a simple and easy interface. This free APP can be found both for Android (Google Play) and for iOS (App Store)

4. Instagram:Despite being a social network (owned by Facebook), this APP has become an APP for fans of photography because of its filter options and because it allows you to work with photographs in detail. Best valued for its impact and dissemination (which do not have many of the other apps) and not so much for its number of editing options. InstaSize allows you to publish your photos in original format and not in square format as they appear predefined in Instagram.

This free APP can be found both for Android (Google Play) and for iOS (App Store).

5. ProCamera: This APP has one of the most successful HDR, good exposure management and the option to compensate. In addition, it should be noted the brightness, saturation and contrast adjustment since they are of a very good level and the filters and effects are very well valued by the professionals of the image.

6. Typic:nominated as one of the best App Store APPs of 2014. It allows you to integrate filters in the image and use design tools, such as fonts, icons and logos.

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