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Is mobility today a feature that defines the current paradigm?

Maybe a few years ago we could find some skeptic who still had doubts about a reality like mobile technologies but today it is difficult to understand our day to day without the company of our smartphone or smartphone.

The high level of integration in our daily life makes these devices the most used by users as the main means of connection to the Internet. Nearly 40% of Internet users use these devices compared to 32% who do with their computer according to the latest study by Aimc (Association for Media Research).

The use of mobile phones and their almost permanent Internet connection allows users to search all kinds of information in an extended manner and access services ubiquitously. All this has made smartphones have become a tool of usual and essential use and we have changed the way we communicate, we have fun, we inform ourselves and, of course, we take care of our health.

Taking all this into account, and given that the use by the Spanish population of smartphones does not stop growing, currently 89%, it is expected that its use and application for health issues will continue to grow over the next few years.

The vast majority of health APPs are dedicated to the well-being, care of our diet and exercises, although more and more applications are appearing dedicated to the management of treatment and diseases, which shows us a growing interest in the use of mobile applications for the management of diseases. Chronicles.


Types of mobile health applications

Within mobile health applications we can distinguish two main types of users, health professionals and patients themselves.

One of the greatest aspirations of clinical professionals is to be able to follow and monitor the evolution of their patients in the same way that they have availability of their clinical data regardless of the place and time. But this is not the only use of these applications for this group of users. Among others, we can find applications of:

– Scientific literature, professional manuals and e-learning platforms which give their users access to information.

– Email, instant messaging, resolution of clinical cases … favor communication for these users.

– Collaborative work, video editing and blogs, storage services, etc. This type of apps offers the production of easily accessible content.

– APPs associated with peripherals that can be converted into medical devices for complementary tests and measurement of biological variables.

For their part, patients can find applications that allow them to have a record of their physical activity, monitoring the intake of nutrients as well as weight registration and other parameters related to food, health advice through text, images and video . But we commented previously, the incessant growth of health applications have led to the emergence of apps for the management of diseases that allow users to have access to information and health resources, medication management and therapeutic adherence, symptom control and record of medical parameters.





Behavioral self-registration: Constant improvement thanks to cognitive restructuring

One of the main concerns that people have is to continuously improve. For this, behavioral self-registration can be a great ally. However, it remains a great unknown.

Self-registration is a psychological therapy technique that belongs to cognitive restructuring. In order to understand the usefulness of this technique, we must understand that, as human beings, people tend to operate on autopilot. Normally, it is usual to follow a cycle of thought that leads to a feeling and an action.

The first pretension of this methodology is to observe and then modify the negative thoughts for later, to end the behaviors associated with these. On many occasions, simply observing and being aware of how you act is enough to be able to change it.

How to carry out this technique?

The most surprising thing about this technique is that it is very simple to perform. It will always be more appropriate for a professional to do it, however, you can also carry it out yourself.

Thus, it will only be necessary to write down the following parameters:

– Situation: where the undesired behavior occurs and the day, place and time it occurs.

– Cognitive response of automatic thought: the thoughts that come to mind when this happens.

– Physiological response: what is felt at the body level when the situation manifests itself.

– Motor response and result: how it works




Digital Health: The Case of MentalCheck

In APPLOADING they have created MentalCheck, the best APP for psychological evaluation and behavioral self-registration that allows professionals in the area of human behavior to register their patients in everyday contexts quickly, easily and safely.

MentalCheck allows you to use mobile technology to carry out behavioral records in real time. Designed for clinical professionals, researchers and coaches who develop their work in the area of human behavior.


What offers users the use of this application?

Access to the catalog
The user will be able to select registration templates from the MentalCheck catalog designed by experts for the ecological registry of the most common symptomatology and behaviors in the population.

– Personalization of the registry
The psychologist can create their own templates for personalized registration or adapt the MentalCheck templates to their patients.

Patient management
Assign records to patients, setting their frequency and sending reminders to ensure their completion.

The user can visually check the answers and know the evolution of their patients at all times.

Data storage and export
By using MentalCheck you can store the collected data and export it in different formats quickly and easily.

Improvement of efficiency
With MentalCheck, the effectiveness of the behavioral registry is improved by accessing contextualized and reliable data, as well as improving adherence to treatment, maximizing therapeutic success and optimizing the collection of clinical and research data.

Management of professionals
The use of this APP allows assigning editing roles to different professionals in a center and manages the shared use.

Sending notifications
In the same way it allows to configure and send reminders and information of interest to patients.

Perform interversions
MentalCheck has various functionalities that will allow carrying out the Momentary Ecological Intervention (EMI) maximizing therapeutic success.



At APPLOADIN, we remain at the forefront of technology and contribute our knowledge to create applications that provide high value to the user in the improvement, comfort and care of their health.


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